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Panorama - CLOSED

NY, NY, United States

July 22nd - 24th 2016

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Clean Vibes at Panorama - CLOSED

***We are no longer accepting applications for Panorama***

Work with us as a CLEAN VIBES LABOR OF LOVE CREW MEMBER at Panorama - CLOSED in exchange for your ticket to the festival!

**Please be advised that this registration is for CLEAN VIBES LABOR OF LOVE (L.O.L.) Crew employment, which is different from our typical volunteer program in that each person must purchase their ticket here via Clean Vibes and will be compensated for the hours they work with a payroll check rather than directly refunded via their credit card.

Please make sure you FULLY UNDERSTAND this stipulation of the registration before signing up.  Your credit card WILL NOT be refunded.  You will receive a payroll check (printed or direct deposit) for the hours you work and your wages will be subject to payroll taxes.  As a result, the NET amount of money you receive at the end of the event could be slightly less than the amount of money you pay for the ticket to the event based on your taxes.  You will, however, GROSS the full amount of the ticket cost.  If you do not understand this, please email**

Clean Vibes will have two L.O.L. (Labor of Love) Worker positions available at this event:

DURING SHOW LABOR OF LOVE​ Workerwill be picking up loose litter off the ground, cleaning picnic tables and working with the Clean Vibes staff to sweep the venue and vending areas. This position involves stooping, lifting and consolidating large bags of recycling and refuse. Workers may also spend a portion of their shift sorting recycling to maximize waste diversion from the landfill.

During Show Clean-up Labor of Love will commit to three 5-hour shifts, one EACH day of the event, for a total of 15 hours.  Shift times will VARY and will depend on the music schedule and needs of the event. Workers will have the opportunity to choose at least one band which they would not like to miss.

During Show Clean-up Shifts:
Friday, 7/22/16: 1PM - 6PM or 4PM - 9PM
Saturday, 7/23/16: 1PM - 6PM or 4PM - 9PM
Sunday, 7/24/16: 1PM - 6PM or 4PM - 9PM

NIGHTLY AFTER SHOW CLEAN-UP LABOR OF LOVEWorkers will be providing the important initial sweep through the venue after the crowd has left. They will work with the Clean Vibes crew and fellow volunteers to clean the venue and vending areas of all concert debris. L.O.L. Workers must work one shift on each night of the event and will gain admission on all 3 days.  This position entails walking, stooping, bending, lifting and handling event waste and recycling.  

Nightly After Show Clean-up L.O.L. Workers must commit to three 5-hour shifts, one EACH night of the event, for a total of 15 hours. Shift times for all 3 nights are 11PM-4AM.

Nightly After Show Clean-up Shifts:
Friday, 7/22/16: 11pm - 4am
Saturday, 7/23/16: 11pm - 4am
Sunday, 7/24/16: 11pm - 4am


POST SHOW CLEAN-UP Workers must commit to two 8-hour shifts after the event on Sunday (7/25) and Monday (7/26). Workers will work with Clean Vibes crew members and fellow LOL team members to clear the venue, vending and camping areas of all event litter and patron debris. This position entails walking, stooping, bending, lifting and handling event waste and recycling.  Post Show Clean-up LOL Workers will be provided with lunch and dinner on Sunday and breakfast and lunch on Monday.

Post Show Clean-up Shifts:
Monday, 7/25/16: 10am - 6pm
Tuesday 7/26/16: 10am - 6pm
(Lunch will be provided on work days only for Post Show Volunteers)


Work Requirement: 

During Show - 15 Hours
Post Show - 16 Hours

Accommodation: Camping is not provided. Labor of Love Workers must provide their own lodging.

Check in Date: Friday, July 22, 2016


Get all the facts in the FAQ.

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